Juche Tower in Pyongyang

The biggest and important Festival in DPRK is 15th of April which is Kim Il Sung’ birthday. It is called Day of the Sun. For some important years there will be military parade and during the festival students or citizen will have big dancing party on Kim Il Sung Square or Street. Most of female will wear Korean beautiful traditional dress . It is called Chima and Joggori . Explore North Korea Tour will have group tours and independent tour to North Korea during the Festival. 

New Years Day : 1st – January 

Birth Day of Kim Jong Il : 16th – February
Day of the Sun (Birth day of Kim Il Sung) : 15th – April
Foundation Day of The Korean People’s Army :25th – April
May Day Festival: 1st – May
Victorious Day: 27th – July
National Liberation Day : 15th – August
Foundation of the DPRK : 9th – September
Foundation of the Worker’s Party of Korea: 10th -October
Day of the DPRK Socialist Constitution: 27th – December.

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