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Welcome to Explore North Korea Tour Blog.Here you could learn more about North Korea and Korean culture 

Juche Tower in Pyongyang

DPRK Public Holidays

Education In DPRK

education in northkorea

Marriage in DPRK

Transportation in DPRK

Transportation in DPRK
pyongyang policewomen

traffic lady in DPRK

Pyongyang street in north korea


North Korean people like singing ,dancing and music. If you have chance to join in Korean wedding party you can strongly feel this.
If you join in the tour to North Korea you can have chance to watch Art Concert/ Circus Show
In the concert you can see people like the show very much. and the Circus show is also really amazing.

Traffic in North Korea

Main transportation in Pyongyang is:
Bus / Electricity Bus/ Subway /Taxi
If you have chance to travel to North Korea you will realize the the transportation on the road all turn on the light in the day time. Cause government want reduce the traffic accident.
On Sunday you will see few cars on the road cause for many companies if need car on Sunday has to apply in advance.

Pyongyang Metro in north korea
pyongyang students palace

North Korean TV channel

There are only 4 TV channels in North Korea.
• Central TV Channel for important political news.
• Mansudae Channel for foreign country news.
• Sports Channel for all kinds of sports.
• Cable line Channel for lives.
North Korean people like Chinese movies a lot.
the Korean guide told us that Korean people like Chinese <KeWang > which is produce in 1990 in China.It has 50  TV series When it was showed in Pyongyang there were almost no people on the street in Pyongyang.They all were watching the show at home.

What pants and dress mean in DPRK

In DPRK Pants and Dress has special totally different meaning: 

Pants means men /Dress means ladies 

Broken Pants means divorced men /Broken Dress means divoiced lady.

Old Pants means married men/ Old Dress means married lady

Long Pants means Workers Party members or University students.

Short Pants means soldiers.

North Korean ladies have to were skirt or dress when they join in very formal place even in winter time.

what do korean people use a bath tub in DPrk?

Bath tub in North Korea not for taking a shower but for making Kimchi. In winter time when cabbage produced. Korean people will make a lot of Kimchi. Bath tub is very good container for making Kimchi for every family. So people do not use bath tub for taking show in DPRK.



propaganda pictures in North Korea?

There is no commercial advertisement in North Korea but propaganda pictures everywhere. On the street,in the subway,even on the postcards and stamps. 

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