4 night 5 day 1

shanghai to pyongyang 4 night 5 day 1

Day 1 Sun

Shanghai – Pyongyang :JS158(22:30/01:20)fly 2 hours (DPRK time is 1 hour faster than Beijing time).have a rest in the hotel.

day 2

After lunch visit:
Mangyongdae Native House-(30 minutes) The birthplace of Kim Il Sung. The place young Kim Il Sung looked after rich people’s cemetery in the old days.Here the scenery is very beautiful and peaceful.
-Pyongyang Metro(30 minutes) – Take a ride with local people for a you will go through the tunnel with local people and wait for the subway with local people together it is very worth to visit.
-Arch of Triumph-(20mintues)To memorize the triumphal return of President Kim Il sung, “1925” and “1945”symbolized the years when the Presidentembarked on revolution and liberated Korea, Carved in relief are the words of “Song of General Kim Il Sung.”
-Monument to Party Founding-It is for convey down the proud history of the Workers’ Party of Korea composed of workers,farmers and intellectuals.hammer instead of worker, sickle instead of farmer, brush instead of intellectual. And the round belt means the single hearted unity of the leader Party and people.
-Mansudae Grand Monument (Bronze statue of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il ) here you can put flowers to the statue (around 3 euro 1 bunch Option )
-Chollima Statue-Shows the heroic mettle and indomitable spirit of Korean people who made continued innovation and uninterrupted advance in the spirit of Chollima – a legendary horse running 400km a day. 
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Korean War Museum in Pyongyang

Victorious War Museum

Mansudae Great Monument in pyongyang

Mansudae Grand Monument

view from top of Juche tower

view from top of Juche Tower

inside china korean friendship tower

inside China Korean Friendship Tower

day 3

Mount Myohyang:
After breakfast we drive to Mount Myohyang -(3 hours drive from Pyongyang)one of themost beautiful areas in Korean Peninsula. Mt. Myohyang is the place for a lot of leaders of DPRK for spending
Summer time and holiday here
-International Friendship Exhibition Hall (1.5 hours)- Huge complex consisting of over 100,000 gifts from all over the world give to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Here you might find the gift from your country.Then taken onto the balcony of the exhibition hall to view the breathtaking scenery of Myohang Mountain with ginsen tea or coffee (cost: $4)
-Pohyon Temple -(30 minutes). The temple dates from 11th Century and founding of the Koryo Dynasty. It is one of the few remaining Buddhist temples in North Korea.The scenery here is very beautiful and peaceful. the local guide will give you a tour of the site and introduce you the temple.After lunch we drive to Pyongyang visit After lunch we drive to Pyongyang visit
-We hike the Manphok Valley trail, Here is very popular with local people have picnic and forest, waterfalls and temples with great views (bring comfortable shoes; all hiking is optional and at your own pace) for around 1 hour. The scenery here is very beautiful.
-China- Korean Friendship Tower (memory of heroic mettle of the Chinese Volunteers who fought in the Korea war(option flower 1 bunch cost: 20rmb =2-3euro)Then visit Juche Tower – a stone tower symbolizing the Juche idea built in Juche 71 (1982)
-Kim Il Sung Squre -Where politicalevents,meetings and parades always held here.
-Juche Tower– symbolize the Juche Idea created by the President Kim Il Sung in April Juche 71(1982).Here you have a chance to view beautiful Pyongyang Taetong River.
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Pyongyang – Kaesong:
Bus to traditional old Kaesong city (2.5 hours driving from Pyongyang)

-Panmunjom-Meeting hall where Armistice Talks were held and Armistice Agreement was signed here. in 1953.7.27.
-Monument of Autograph-The handwriting of Kim Il Sung who examined the document related to national reunification and signed on it on his previous day of passing away.
-DMZ also called 3.8 line the demarcation line between North and South Korea. Here you will have DPRK soldier as a guide to introduce this area and explain the history to you.
-Lunch Traditional kaesong food with bronze container.
-Koryo History Museum-(40 mintues)was the supreme education organ in the Koryo Dynasty. Now display a lot of precious Korean ancient antiques. Let you know more about Koryo history. Here you can have chance to shop North Korean propaganda post cards and posters Drive to Pyongyang.
-Pyongyang Student Palace or a school (1 hour)to watch students talent show (option to bring small gift to the students.)
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students in pyongyang
pyongyang students palace

 Pyongyang Students Palace

Cooperation farm in dprk

Cooperation Farm

Pyongyang- Nampo
After breakfast drive to Nampho(1.5 hours)
-West Sea Barrage-(40 minutes) it can prevent seawater intrusion and store billions of cubic meters of fresh water for 10 million hectares of land. It was used 5 years to finished it (1986).
-Chongsan Cooperation farm – Get to know life of North Korean farmers.Here you could visit local farmers family house.
-Mansudae Art Studio– Here you could know the top level of Korean art and you could also have chance to buy some art here too.
-Visit local souvenir shop
Then drive to the airport fly from Pyongyang – Shanghai. Finish the unforgettable trip of North Korea.
Pyongyang- Shanghai : JS157(19:40/21:00)

Flight From Shanghai - Pyongyang & Return
Price Cost: 950EURO P/P


  • Transportation in North Korea
  • Flight from Shanghai – Pyongyang and return.
  • Best hotel in North Korea(DPRK).
  • Food in North Korea(DPRK).
  • Admission Fees in North Korea(DPRK).
  • 6 North Korean Propaganda Post Cards sending from Pyongyang.
  • English Speaking Tour Guide in North Korea (DPRK)(If you nee other language speaking guide please inform us in advance.)
  • Free pick up at Pyongyang Train Station & Airport.

Not Included

  • 50 Euro Traveling North Korea visa fee
  • Drinks
  • Souviners
  • Tip
  • Flight/Train to Departure City
  • Hotel in Departure City
  • Single Room Supplement Fee(40EURO per night)(If you do not mind to share the room with other tourists you can avoid single room supplement fee)
  • Kaesong Ginseng Soup 35EURO share with 3 person. Each person cost around: 10EURO P/P
  • Arirang Festival Show Ticket: 100EURO P/P
  • Special class hotel update extra cost: 25EURO Per Night