northkorea visa paste on passport
visa paste on passport
northkorea visa on separate paper
North Korea visa on separate paper

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • You will have North Korea visa on other separate paper. On your passport only get two stamps from China Customs. 1 for going out of China 1 for getting into China.
  • If you would like North Korean visa on your passport please inform us in advance. We can past North Korean visa on your passport.(But you have to hand your passport to our head office in Shenyang 1 day earlier before 12:00 mid day. (when you fill in the DPRK Travel Application there is a column let you choose if you would like to have North Korean traveling visa on your passport or not .)

You don’t need to send us your passport for applying North Korean traveling visa. Just send us clear photo fo your passport and simply fill in the application form on the website. We can apply the DPRK traveling visa for you in advance(2-3 weeks in advance).

North Korea is considered one of the safest tourist destinations in the world. Our customers have had no problems with either crime, or the authorities. The only way you are likely to put yourself in any danger is by criticizing the North Korean leaders or government. We urge you to respect your guide’s views and wishes otherwise constant disrespect and criticism is likely to lead to deportation or even jail.

Yes vegetarians are catered for. Please inform us of your dietary needs beforehand.

Yes you can make a phone call outside of North Korea from your hotel room, but the telephone bill cost around 17RMB=2EURO for 1 minute. Or you could buy sim card in North Korea cost around 100-200USD.  

You can buy post cards in North Korea and you can send post cards to the place you expected (except South Korea). There is a post office on the first floor of Yanggakdao Hotel near the coffee shop where you could send post cards. We have tried from Pyaongyang- Canada took around 40 days.
Explore North Korea Tour Group Reward Every Each Tourist 6 North Korean Propaganda Postcards. Tourists Can Send The Postcards By Themselves in Yanggakdao Hotel in Pyongyang. We suggest you ready 6 of your friends address before you traveling to North Korea.

Yes you can take pictures and video in North Korea, but you can not take pictures and video military soldiers in North Korea. You can not take black and white pictures of North Korea leaders photo or statues. Because they think this is not respect their leaders.  Especially when we visit the DMZ we have to listen to the guide where we can take pictures and where we could not take pictures. Any time you are not sure you could always ask the guide.

Since 2013 North Korean government allow tourists bring cell phone and laptop into North Korea.But there is no internet in North Korea. 

  • You can not bring camera with GPS system written on the camera into North Korea.You can bring Gopro and SLR camera with you.
  • You can not bring American movie/South Korea Movie /radio / binoculars/Korean Currency /readings about DPRK,South Korea and American Or clothes print with South Korea or American flag or any products from South Korea into North Korea please leave them in China.
  • Please delete the photos of DPRK leaders and the political readings from your cell phone or IPad or other digital devices before you starting your tour to DPRK.

No there is no internet in North Korea. If you would like to contact outside of North Korea you can make phone call in your hotel room (1 minute cost around 2 EURO ) Or you can buy sim card cost around 100USD or 200USD. 

our government guides will be with you at all times of day and you are unable to venture off on your own. When back at the hotel you are free to spend time as you wish around the hotel and its grounds.

We suggest that tourists bring an additional 1000 RMB for souvenirs and extra drinks in North Korea, although no additional money is required every meal even included some beer and water if you don’t buy any souvenir you almost do not need money to pay anything. In North Korea, Chinese RMB, US Dollars, and Euros are accepted.

You can pay us by Paypal. Paypal is going to charge service fee :4.4% not Explore North Korea.
Or you can pay us by bank transfer.