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Pyongyang is the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.(DPRK) In September Juche 37(1948) the founding of the DPRK was proclaimed, with the city as its capital. The Central Committee of the Workers’Party of Korea and the Government of the DPRk are situated in the city. 

Pyongyang is the political, economic and cultural hub of the country. Its history began with the founding by Tangun, father of the Korean nation, of the Ancient Joson with the city as its capital. During the period of Koguryo, a power that existed in the East for a thousand years,Pyongyang was its first or second capital. In the days of Koryo and feudal Joson dynasty, it served as a military stronghold for the northwestern area. The city is a cradle of mankind and the birthplace of the Taedonggang Civilization,  and it is home to a multitude of remains and relics showing the history and culture of the Korean nation. 


It is beautiful city with a hong history situated at the middle west of Korea. From old times it has been called as “Songak” or “Songdo” for many evergreen pine trees and fantastic rocks. Kaesong was the capital of Koryo (918-1392).first unified state on the Korean peninsula and is a city on the demarcation line which bisects a country and nation. It is divided in an old and a new city areas. touring includes a cit tour, Panmunjom,King Kongmin’s Mausoleum, the Concrete Wall and Pakyon Falls. As it was the capital of Koryo, it has varieties of historical remains and relics.


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