Marriage in North Korea

What kind of man would north korea ladies like to get married with ? 

During the trip in DPRK the guide told us that Korean ladyies preffer to get marries with a man who is

1) graduated from university 

2) A a soldier, 

3) A member of Workers’Party of DPRK 

This is an ideal man to get married with for ladies in North Korea. 

House Is Free

For the new couples North Korean lady have to ready all the furniture for the new family. The man has to ready gold ring, gold necklace for the bride. And the groom has to apply the house from the company or factory that he works for. then the company and the factory will provide house or apartment for the new couple.The house or appartment are free in North Korea. Normally the company will provide the house or apartment near the working place. After getting married in the family life North Korean ladies has to do the whole house work for the family. 

Special Wedding Food

In North Korean wedding party people do not eat candies like in China but they eat cold noodles.

If you would like to ask your friends in North Koera when they get married. You could ask : when can I eat your cold noodles? Means when can I join in your wedding party? Or when you are going to get married?

because in North Korean wedding cold noodles is must.

Wedding Gift

Friends join in North Korean friends wedding party normally give gift or money.

the money have to put in white paper bag which is different with Chinese culture. Chinese people will put the money in the red paper bag means luck.But white color normaly is the main color for the funeral in Chinese culture.

Law Of Marriage

For legal marry age in North Korea is 17 years old. From 17 years old North Korean teenager can have ID card.

Nowadays in North Korea lady will get married around 25 years old and men will get married around 30 or 31 years old.

The government encourage people to have more kids. If family has more kids the government will give some gift to the family.

During the trip to North Korea tourists could always see some new couples shootting wedding photos in some tourists spots especially during spring time around April and May. Even in Pyongyang Meari Shooting Range (where people could practise shooting) new couples shoot wedding photos with guns. It is becoming a fashion in local area.