traffic lady in DPRK

traffic policewoman

traffic lady in north korea in dprk

Traffic policewomen in blue uniforms can be seen on the streets of Pyongyang. The ladies stand in a white circle in the middle of the intersection. looks cool and beautiful. North Korea’s traffic ladies are known as the faces of Pyongyang. Traffic policewomen are popular among North Korean men and tourists due to their beauty and high social status. Because there’s a lot of competition between North Korean men for traffic policewomen. Pyongyang traffic policewomen are popular not only at in North Korea but also abroad. Western tourists have set up fan sites for north Korean traffic policewomen. It is difficult to apply this job in North Korea. First, traffic policewomen must be single, second must be taller than 160cm, with good character and academic performance also must be good physical appearance. Traffic policewomen in North Korea are mainly recruited from female middle school graduates across the country. They usually start their careers after leaving school at the age of 17. Traffic policewomen in North Korea are favored by tourists not only by their beauty and beautiful uniform but also by their unique traffic dancing. They control traffic to ensure citizen’s safety and light up the city of Pyongyang. For all these reasons, traffic lady is held in high esteem by the North Korean people. Traffic officials get better pay and privileges than ordinary North Korean citizens. The state reportedly provides them with 500 grams more food than ordinary citizens and provides them with free housing and medical insurance. Traffic police are stationed at all major intersections in Pyongyang. Pyongyang has about 50 intersections, but those positions are now being reduced due to set up many traffic signals in recent years, this frustrated of many visitors.

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